Magnolia Medical Technologies

We don't accept standards,
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Who We Are

A history of innovation serving patients and hospitals.

Magnolia Medical Technologies is a medical device company that develops, manufactures and markets innovative blood and bodily fluid collection devices to facilitate significant improvements in the accuracy, consistency, and predictability of critical laboratory tests.

Decades of research show that false-positive and false-negative test results routinely lead to inappropriate and unnecessary treatments. Often times, these misdiagnoses increase the use of powerful antibiotics, which are associated with complications, extended patient length of stay as well as risk for hospital-acquired-infections and conditions.

Through groundbreaking device design, Magnolia Medical Technologies has become a provider ally and patient advocate. Our products address the human errors that cause preventable inaccurate test results, improving patient safety and hospital care.

We are unrelenting in our pursuit to improve current 'standards of care,' constantly researching, testing and reinventing conventional processes in order to make the world of healthcare a better place.

Meet our Leadership Team

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Transforming Medical Care for Providers and Patients

We are focused on improving critical processes and technologies to deliver unprecedented efficiency, effectiveness, and optimal patient outcomes.  With over 60 patents in our portfolio, we’ll keep innovating until we change the status quo.